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Ideal for your micro to small-sized business clients needing historical and real-time financial analysis.

$18 USD/month


Ideal for your small to mid sized business clients needing historical, real-time, and future driven insights and services.

$30 USD/month


Ideal for your small to mid sized business clients with multiple profit centers utilizing tracking categories or classes.

$40 USD/month

Additional reporting features available


Benchmark Reporting

Add this to companies to run benchmark reports. Compare and analyze how your clients are performing against one another based on financial and non-financial metrics.

+ add to any plan ($3 USD/month)

Consolidated Reporting

Add this to files that would benefit from consolidated reports. Perfect for companies with multiple locations that need financial reporting solutions. Gain all the benefits of Benchmarking and Consolidated Reports.

+ add to any plan ($5 USD/month)

Franchise Reporting

Add this to franchises operating out of multiple company files for advanced reporting, forecasting, and analytics. Gain all the benefits of Benchmarking, Consolidated Reports, and the advanced consolidated features.

+ add to any plan ($7 USD/month)


Features MBA CFO Enterprise
Account History Chart
Accountant Dashboard
Alerts & Notifications
Automated Reporting
Balance Sheet
Business Valuation
Cashflow Statement
Did You Know Notifications
Excel Reports
Good News / Bad News
KPI Generator
KPI Monitoring & Tracking
Profit & Loss Statement
Real-Time Data Sync
Risk Ranking
"Smart" Budgeting
The Analyst
Three-Way Cashflow Forecasting
Unlimited Number of Users
White-Labeled Client Dashboards
White-Labeled, Customizable PDF Reports
White-Labeled Mobile App
30-60-90 Day Cashflow
Debtors / Creditors by Age (AR/AP)
What-If Scenarios
Automatic Burden Allocation
Monitor Multiple Classes
Monitor Multiple Tracking Categories
$18 USD/month
$30 USD/month
$40 USD/month

All prices are per company file per month in $USD