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ProfitSee's principal identifying color is the Primary Blue from our logo. The Primary Green is also unique to our brand and can be used as another identifying color.

primary blue HEX: #144067primary green HEX: #7bbe31

ProfitSee's accent colors are the orange found in our logo and a brighter blue.

accent orange HEX: #f2a031accent blue HEX: #0070b2






When talking about ProfitSee in front of a crowd, you are always welcome to use our videos to introduce and supplement your presentations. 
1. The ProfitSee Overview


2. The ProfitSee Recorded Demo



We like to emphasize certain aspects of ProfitSee that make our tools truly unique. Chances are, if you're talking about ProfitSee, you might have used our tools and know what features are the biggest draw for you. An honest opinion makes for a great presentation! But if you'd like a few talking points, we've got you covered.

  • White-Labeling: All of the reports and features in ProfitSee are white-labeled, meaning your clients will never see the ProfitSee logo. This keeps the emphasis on the advice and services you're providing their business, and not on the software you use. 
  • Customized & Automated Reports: You can create unique report templates and layouts based on your client's needs. Whether they want monthly reports, or weekly overviews with in-depth quarterly management reports, you can create as many unique templates as you need. You can also set them on a schedule so ProfitSee automatically generates the reports for you based on the frequency you desire, so you never have to think about it again! We recommend having ProfitSee send the reports to your inbox so you can review them and send them off to your clients. 
  • Threeway Cashflow Forecasting: Our three-year projection allows you to stay on top of clients' financials with a click of the button. Instantly see where their company stands and build strategic business plans that include adding loans, changing monthly expenses, adjusting the AR/AP assumptions, and more.
  • "What-if" Scenarios: Every client has questions, now it's easier than ever to show business owners how their decisions will impact their business long-term.
  • And more! For specific questions or messaging help please email PartnerSuccess@MyProfitSee.com