Frequently Asked Questions

 Whether you are still deciding on adding value-added services to your repertoire, integrating for the first time, or have a quick technical support question, here are a few answers.

What does ProfitSee have different than other competitors?

  • We enable you to get in front of new clients, as well as old clients, offering value-added services including a look at the future.
  • ProfitSee integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online with an automatic nightly sync, so you can rest assured that your data will always be real-time.
    • Reports are created with relevant data.
    • KPI notifications will help you beat your clients to the phone.
    • You become indispensable due to being proactive and understanding what your clients’ financials look like, and how to solve problems before they become issues.
  • Forecasting: allows you to give your clients a plan for the future.

  • Analyst tool: we lovingly call the Analyst tool the P&L “on steroids.” It lets you see your financial data, over and under your budget, to identify all outstanding expenses.

  • White-labeled reporting: lets you add your own brand to any reports going out to the clients, which helps build your reputation with your client, and keeps the focus on you, and what value-added services can provide. 

If you’d like to learn more about our features, click here.

Click here to watch a demo, and experience how we can help you build into your clients’ businesses.


How much is ProfitSee per month?

There are 3 different licenses:

  •      MBA-$18 USD or $27 AUD/month per company file
  •      CFO-$30 USD or $47 AUD/month per company file
  •      Enterprise-$40 USD or $60 AUD/month per company file

These subscriptions are billed monthly, with no yearly contract. Click here to find out more.

There are different reports that you can buy and then send off to your clients, these consolidated reports are white labeled so that your clients can focus on your advice, not the software you chose to use:

And the best part is: you can add notes to any report to customize it and highlight important features.

What is the difference between the licenses, other than the price?

  •      MBA- Ideal for your micro to small-sized business clients needing historical and real-time financial analysis. This feature has the budgeting and 3 way cashflow forecasting features.
  •      CFO- Ideal for your small to mid-sized business clients needing historical, real-time, and future driven insights and services. This license has our “What-If Scenarios,” A/R and A/P breakdown, as well as the MBA features. The CFO license also has more pre-built KPI’s.
  •      Enterprise- This is the only license that can integrate the tracking categories/classes with QuickBooks Online and Xero. Ideal for your small to mid-sized business clients with multiple profit centers utilizing tracking categories or classes.

Can I switch my license type at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade by going to the “manage” tab and selecting your desired license. On this same screen, you can also add or remove any reporting features that you are currently using in the company file. Depending on where you are at in your paying cycle, you may have different features taken away or added when you upgrade.

Are there any other fees after that initial license?

No, the onboarding/training/white labeling is completely free, there is no limit on the number of users that can access the company file.


How do I handle consolidations?

We can set up consolidated reporting on family-run enterprises, subsidiaries, holding companies, and franchisees. Our enterprise license allows you to import tracking classes (with Xero) or tracking categories (with QuickBooks Online.)

It is best to start with a consistent Chart of Accounts (COA), you have a few options to set up this structure:

1) Use one of our generic COA's

2) Use one of the existing accounts COA's

3) Set up your own customized high level COA

To learn more about the importance of setting up your Chart correctly, click here

Trial Process

How do I start a trial?

Book a time with one of our support team members. Join a video chat/phone call to determine which license will fit your needs best, and how to begin.

Start Your Trial

What can I expect during my trial?

We will meet with you on a regular basis, on the phone or via web chat, to run through our training process, role play, and make sure that your questions are answered. We have broken the training down into manageable modules to ensure that you get the most out of your trial. We help you to bring on a REAL client to test out our product and see what value-added services will truly look like for your clients. We will also work with you on selling these new value-added services to your clients, and role play the best strategies and conversations to have. Click here to learn more.

Do I have to integrate a client? Or can I use my own books to test out ProfitSee?

We recommend one of your clients get brought in during the on-boarding process to see what benefits can occur for your business, as well as your clients’. You and your client can learn together and you can get feedback on what they are wanting most. Click here to read more about the benefits of bringing on a real client while you are testing ProfitSee.

Can I extend my trial?

We start you off on a 30 day trial, where we train you, so that you can see the benefits of ProfitSee and how to roll out value-added services to your clients.  If during the training process, you are not able to fully dig into ProfitSee, we are more than happy to extend the trial period. Just set up a time to talk with one of our support team members.

Integrating ProfitSee

What software does ProfitSee integrate with?

We currently integrate with

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • Twinfield
  • Ibiza
  • With more partnerships coming soon!

Don't see your software listed? Contact us at support@myprofitsee.com to add your integration request to our roadmap!

How do you support tracking categories/classes?

Yes! Learn more about the Enterprise License that supports these features here.

How do I set my budgets?

  1. Bring over your pre-existing budget from Xero or QuickBooks and sync it over through our one-way integration.
  2. Import spreadsheets by downloading a template that can then be uploaded into ProfitSee.
  3. We built a budgeting tool, called the budget wizard, that goes down to the transactional level in your accounting file and grabs actual invoices from the past two years to forecast your current and future budget. During your trial, we would love to tell you more about this easy and convenient way to set your budget.

What is the “Budget Wizard”?

Because your budget is how you’re able to track performance, forecast your future, etc. we realize the traditional ways of doing budgeting are not time efficient nor as accurate as they should be, we went about it in a new and different way. Our budget wizard was created to efficiently set your budget, through our advanced set of algorithms, with much detail. This budget wizard was accredited by the ICAEW. With a click of the button, a budget can be made, based on past trends, and you can adjust it as you see fit.

Technical Questions

In the main dashboard, my names of the companies turned to numbers, what do I do?

There is a small padlock image on the bottom left corner of the dashboard, this changes the names to numbers for our recording processes. Simply, click on the small lock to reveal the names of your clients.

I uploaded my specific color palette for my brand, but my dashboard is still blue?

The branding options are only for the client dashboard and reports. Just as you have your own branding, we do as well.  The dashboards advisors see are blue, but due to our white-labeling, the reports and dashboard that your client sees are customizable to your color palette. The mobile app at this time allows you to bring in your logo, but not your color scheme.

What is the difference between our dashboard and our clients’ dashboard?

The dashboard of the advisor is viewed in ProfitSee branding, but each of your clients have a personal business dashboard that they have access to.  The client dashboard can be customized by you, to include your firm’s branding, logo, and color palette. The client dashboard can be further customized to hide certain tools that are not relevant to them, or may not be understood. With just a few clicks, you can change which features and tools your business owners have access to.

Can I look at a specific report in either cash or accrual basis?

Yes, you can, as long as the report is recorded in cash and accrual in QuickBooks Online or Xero you can access either or.

Can I generate/track custom KPIs?

Yes, you can create them with our KPI generator. And you can also import non-financial or non-posting KPIs that you may already be tracking. For more information about setting up KPIs, click here.

Am I able to generate PDF and/or Excel Reports?

Yes, you can go to our reports tab, and there is an option for either or. If you are on a specific tab, such as the financials tab, you have the option of printing reports for most areas. Some are available in PDF form, some in Excel, but the majority are available in both formats.

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