The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is pleased to announce the official accreditation of ProfitSee, a SaaS product that gives bookkeepers the tools needed to easily provide advisory services to their small and mid-sized business clients.

ProfitSee was born from over 30 years experience in corporate turnarounds, acquisitions, mergers, and helping thousands of small and mid-sized businesses improve profitability. In 2008 ProfitSee became a cloud-based software with a simple objective:

Provide the fiscal management tools and insights used in multinational corporations to SMEs through emerging cloud technology.

We believe that business owners need access to high-level financial insights to strengthen their companies. Bookkeepers that understand how to do this can become the game changers for their business clients!

More Services, More Revenue, Less WorkTM

ProfitSee integrates seamlessly with cloud accounting solutions to provide powerful, instant insights that were traditionally reserved for multinational corporations. ProfitSee’s reporting, forecasting, and analytic tools help you: expand your services; increase revenue for you and your clients, all with greater efficiency.

  • It all starts with reporting.  Build automated, white-labelled management reports with ease.
  • Sophisticated forecasting made simple.  Grow your services from historical reporting to building the future for your clients.  Go beyond simple “percentage increase r decrease forecasts” that miss the mark.  ProfitSee automatically generates forecasts based on historical performance and upcoming business strategies.
  • Provide analytics and advice efficiently. Track real-time performance against forecasts and help your clients grow their business with actionable financial insights. KPIs, Risk ranking, business valuation and more.
  • On-demand benchmarking and consolidation.  Compare and analyze how your clients are performing against one another.  Track, monitor, and report the financials of companies with multiple locations that need a financial reporting solution.

With white-labelled dashboards, mobile apps, and automated reporting options, ProfitSee helps you keep the focus on the value you provide your clients’ businesses, not on the software you’re using.


“The objective ‘to provide the fiscal management tools and insights used in multinational corporations to small and mid-sized businesses through emerging cloud technology,’ has been achieved. There is no doubt that with the arrival of cloud-based technology the role of the bookkeeper is changing. Having access to a top quality product such as ProfitSee will be an added advantage to any bookkeeper wishing to provide such add on services to their customer.” Gina Westwell, Victory Bookkeeping Services, on behalf of the ICB

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