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Founded by seasoned financial experts and consultants ProfitSee specializes in creating software tool solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Business Owners and the Trusted Business Advisors who support them. Fiscal and Asset Management is commonly the most challenging and forgotten area of focus in small to mid-sized businesses. ProfitSee’s tools make it simple to analyze, forecast, strategize, and budget!

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  • The Art of the Interview

    The Art of the Interview A blog from CEO Peter M Vessenes. March 2014 - Conducting interviews with new employment candidates is not instinctive. Over the years, I have been astonished to see how they happen while sitting in on many of them (as an observer, of course…). In my last blog we reviewed the [...] Learn More>>

  • Webinar: Delegation of Authority

    Delegation of Authority. Delegating authority is necessary for business owners to do as their companies grow. But delegation of authority is a complicated matter. Who do you delegate to?  How do you evaluate their performance?  How do you monitor their efforts?  How do you know they can do it as well as you can?  In [...] Learn More>>